And thus a new step…

| March 14, 2011

With the completion of this report, my responsibilities as your chairman will be fulfilled, as will my public service to this Grand Old Party.

Is the GOP prepared to lead?

| August 22, 2009

Obama offered change, and we got it. But it was not the change America thought it to be. So what is it the people of the nation and the state searching for?

The Palin Question Answered; Sotomayor Answer Confirmed

| July 14, 2009

Palin established that she is not only on the national stage and running for President, but has an insight that has become rare among Republicans.

Talk about nail on the head…

| July 1, 2009

The GOP cannot continue to offer alternative “solutions” that are only different versions of those presented from the other side

The Ascendancy Renewed…

| June 15, 2009

Two important events occurred this weekend that are worth noting. Neither solves all concerns, but both give hope. With one of the largest GOP Conventions in NC history, the 2009 Convention this weekend left no question that the Grand Old Party is alive and well in North Carolina. And, judging from the number first-time delegates […]