How the Freedom to Contract Protects Insurability

| September 16, 2009

Patients today with preexisting medical problems have difficulty purchasing health insurance. Forcing insurers to cover such patients is not the solution.

The rectangle said: September 2.

| September 2, 2009

In a recent survey of the Library of Congress/National Book Club, American readers ranked it second only to the Bible in its influence in their lives.

Clunkers, Health Care and Uncle Sam

| August 20, 2009

It is fascinating that Uncle Sam expects us to believe that he can manage an industry 2000 times larger than the program that failed weeks after creation.

The Republican Resurgence…

| July 31, 2009

After bombing in 2006 and 2008, expect a Republican resurgence in 2010. (How’s that for political insight?) The question is: Is it earned? Obama’s approval rating is dropping rapidly, Rasmussian shows his current index at -12; and that makes the Democrat controlled Congress look good. The best poll that I’ve seen for Pelosi and Reid’s […]