Harry, Louise and Health Care

| July 17, 2009

There is no morality that will allow me to hold a gun to my neighbors head and demand payment for a hospital visit.

O’er the Land of the Free?

| July 6, 2009

I have always though it appropriate that our National Anthem ended in a question, because in a free society the question always presents itself- shall we be free tomorrow? This question will always be with us, because freedom requires the action of the people.

Thoughts on the 4th- though not mine…

| July 2, 2009

…compiled in reflection of our nation’s founding, to be read as an editorial, plagiarized from our history.

Stars, Stripes and Rattlesnakes

| May 4, 2009

Does the flag flying over Obama’s Whitehouse or Pelosi’s Capitol truly represent what it did when first flown?