The rectangle said: September 2.

| September 2, 2009

In a recent survey of the Library of Congress/National Book Club, American readers ranked it second only to the Bible in its influence in their lives.

An article worth the read from Bloomberg…

| June 16, 2009 Atlas Shrugged should be required reading to vote; its common sense to live. In a related article, see As a follow up, take a look at, this from a grant from BB&T. This makes me want to switch my meager account to BB&T.

Random Thoughts

| March 25, 2009

There was a good article in the Observer today by George Will, There is nothing here that you don’t already know, but it is a good summary of the path that our nation is on. I was asked last week, why I had an interest in politics. I think this article by Will suggests […]