First reviews of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1…

Following are the first two reviews that I’ve read of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1.

A quote from the first: “One way or another, see this movie. You’ll gain new respect for yourself, freedom, capitalism and your country. And, you’ll understand why it’s
opening on April 15. Not bad for 102 minutes in a dark room.”

From the second: “The highlight of the film is its script written by Brian O’Toole. Witty and full of attitude, it successfully and faithfully adapts the novel to the screen. Part of what keeps this film enjoyable throughout is that you can hear Ayn Rand’s attitude shine through in the dialogue. The theme was well preserved. This is a war between creators and blood suckers.”

If you want to see this in your town, be sure to click the “Demand It” link to the right.

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