Rachael Meddow and Congressman Weiner

Periodically I watch MSNBC. It helps me to ground myself; sometimes I feel like I’m a radical- part of Hillary’s “Right Wing Conspiracy”. MSNBC establishes my objection to the federal government as truly American.

Tonight, Rachael Maddow referred to me as a “tenther”- one who actually believes that the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution prevents the federal government from taking over nearly 20% of the US GDP- healthcare. Her argument was that because Medicare exists, apparently precedence is set to enact national health care. If you do, please, post it here.

For reference, the 10th Amendment states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

There is not much ambiguity in that statement. You can read the rest of the Constitution to determine if you can find a power delegated to the federal government relevant to health care (or education, for that matter) and determine for yourself the relevance of the 10th Amendment in this debate.

Next, she brought on Congressman Weiner (really, there is a Congressman Weiner; thank goodness he is not in charge of national security), to justify her radical interpretation of the US Constitution.

For what it’s worth, I don’t have a problem with the President of the United States speaking to school children. My daughter was told today that she would be suspended from school if she did not listen to, or if she walked out on Obama’s speech (during her Physical Education class). If the speech is a part of the public school curriculum, students should be required to attend and listen, just as they should any other lesson of the day. The problem most thinking Americans had with the speech was the “test” that was initially planned to follow the speech. Fortunately, Conservatives were able to bring public pressure to the political agenda that was self evident in the administration’s initial plan.

But I digress. To the matter of this blog, it never ceases to amaze me the complete lack of logic in the modern liberal’s argument for any usurpation of individual rights, or of the authority of the States.  I guess I am a “tenther”. I believe in the Constitution that President Obama is sworn to uphold. I look forward to his speech tomorrow evening, and how he will present an argument for a take-over of nearly 20% of the nation’s GDP. I am most interested in hearing is justification under the Constitution he is sworn to uphold. I am also interested in hearing how he will improve upon the federal government’s ability to administer health-care reform will be significantly better than the federal government’s ability to administer “Cash for Clunkers”,  the “Bailout”, “Stimulus”, Medicare , Social Security, Medicaid or the USPS- all of which are both grossly inefficient and essentially bankrupt.

If you have never watched Rachael Maddow or Keith Oberman, I would suggest you do so- you can see the inordinate lack of logic that liberals have. I will not support George W. Bush’s total dissolution of his sworn support of the Constitution through the “Patriot Act,” “No Child Left Behind,” or even his czars (a position which Meddow attributes initially to Nixon- as if that justifies anything), nor  will I support Barack H. Obama’s lack of support of the Constitution he has sworn to uphold. In fact, I will do everything in my limited power to fight in behalf of the document that Americans have voted will be our guiding document from which all law must be grounded.

That said, I feel it necessary to remind you, thoughtful reader, that the Democrats have total control of every law passed- the GOP cannot stop the passage of any law, even by filibuster; a unanimous vote by elected Democrats will ensure the passage of health care reform or any other bill. The only reason that any of this is an issue in Washington is because there are at least a few Democrats that still have some degree of common sense and a belief in Capitalism- or at the very least- a fear of their constituency.

If President Obama truly believes that the health care “crisis” must be addressed immediately by a take-over by the federal government, he should expend all political effort to pressure ¾ of the states to amend the Constitution to delegate to the federal government the power to oversee health care (as well as education and any number of other issues).

As I write this, Rachael Maddow is now discussion the Bolshevik Revolution. I hope that through the Tea Parties and other Constitutional events nation-wide, I’m witnessing and a part of the 3rd American Revolution.

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