Is the GOP prepared to lead?

Every day, I hear people discuss the need for change. Every poll that I have seen overwhelmingly suggests that the vast majority of people believe that we are on the wrong track. The President’s approval ratings are falling, though his popularity remains high; Congress’ is in the tank, and Governor Perdue has lost all credibility in North Carolina by continuing to argue for increased taxes in spite of her campaign statements.

Obama offered change, and by gosh, we got it. But it was not the change America thought it to be. So what is it the people of the nation and the state searching for? We The People seek rational, objective leadership. And does the GOP offer it? Though some individuals do, it is difficult to argue that the party has shown it in recent years- but it can, it should, and it must. The people of North Carolina and of America are searching. We must offer something for people to vote FOR not just vote AGAINST. We can do so, if we just will.

As we choose candidates in 2010 and 2012, we must effectively vet their positions on key issues. We must ensure that only solid conservatives represent us on the November ballot.

Don’t misunderstand; I firmly believe that we must allow elected officials to utilize their judgment to make choices- which means we must allow those elected to make decisions. We The People simply do not have all of the facts; we do not have the time or resources to do the necessary research on every bill; that is why we elect representatives. But, we must be certain of those representatives’ basic political and economic philosophy.

This can be done in two relatively simple steps.

First, the GOP must close its primaries. We cannot allow anyone who wishes to choose our candidates. Think about the implication. If Nancy Pelosi lived in the district, she could register as an unaffiliated voter, and choose the Republican nominee. In a primary, many unaffiliated voters prefer a middle of the road candidate. However, when November rolls around, the mushy Republican candidate they chose in May offers no real contrast to the liberal Democrat. There is nothing more partisan than a primary because the purpose of a primary is for a party, not the public, to choose who will represent it on the November ballot. The Republican primary should be just that, a Republican primary.

Reagan twice won in a landslide, winning 44 of 50 states in 1980, and 49 of 50 in 1984 (Reagan lost in Minnesota by .02 percent). He won in this way because he was a rock-solid conservative. He was not Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, George Bush or John McCain. The people of the nation, in an overwhelming majority respected him; even if they did not always agree with him.

The second step is to create a simple and understandable “Compact with the People.” I am not suggesting a list of things we hope to accomplish, rather a formal agreement on rights and conduct, a bold statement of values, of basic beliefs. The Republican Party cannot expect to be elected or to lead, unless we clearly state the values upon which decisions will be based; principles to which we are committed and to which we expect to be held accountable.

It is only by defining what is Republican; and allowing Republicans to select who among us best represents those values, that we can both win and govern effectively.

This is an example of a compact that voters should demand a candidate sign in order to earn their vote: Compact for Candidates

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2 Responses to “Is the GOP prepared to lead?”

  1. Katy R uth Dixon says:

    Right on! Just what we need. Keep it up, FreeSnake.

  2. Brad C DMD says:

    A wise man once said: “Change for the sake of Change without understanding the consequences of change is the greatest of follies”. Okay, I said it, though I am sure hundreds of others have expressed the same sentiments.
    As to your question: is the GOP ready to lead? I don’t think anyone can lead, not in a country where the populace is split right down the middle. Because half of the people are goign to be unhappy whoever leads. and, unfortunately, most people don’t know what is best for them.
    What we need to do is split into the Idiot states of American and teh Slightly Smarter states of America.
    But in all seriousness, I believe that most people (forget far right and far left) are Libertarian at heart: take care of my roads, take care of my protection, and stay the hell out of my life. We really need a push for a third party that says: Government stays small, we’re not paying people in inner cities each time they have more kids they can’t take care of, we’re not going to waste jail space and tax payer money on throwing minor pot users in jail, etc. Unfortunately, until revolution arises, tehre will never be a third party

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