I think I’m in love…

I think I’m in love Nancy Pelosi.

She is very nearly the perfect modern Democrat. Today in USA Today (which I never read), she explained that the House health care plan (which should be read “coverage”- not “care”) is good, and will be right when passed; she explains that only good will come from the plan; and she explains that the current outcry against this gross perversion of the Constitution and inalienable rights are “disruptions… occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves.” The title of the USA Today op-ed is, “Un-American attacks can’t derail health care debate”.

July 23, my local paper, The Star, ran a small article regarding a “health care forum” to be held at the county library. I went, along with roughly 40 people. Upon arrival, it was clear (from the handouts) that the event was sponsored-and run- by the local Democrat party. There were 8 present that I know do not support the “reform” currently under consideration in Washington. The event was well run, with a clear agenda of supporting the plan. Those of us who do not support the plan listened attentively, with no interruptions. Though I left before the forum was over, to my knowledge, no one spoke against the plan.

Less than two weeks later, on August 3, Americans for Prosperity, a non-partisan organization, held a “Hands Off My Healthcare” rally next door to the print shop. I walked over. The Star estimated the crowd to be “at least 100 people” although I counted 120 and the crowd still arriving. (For what it’s worth, the local GOP had only a couple of day’s notice of the event, and other than circulating an email notification, no organized effort to support the event.)

The most interesting contrast was that two of those who ran the Democrat forum were in attendance (far, far from 20% of the crowd). Almost immediately after the first speaker started, there were shouts from this small group of “where are the facts” and “don’t use scare tactics”. This drew a sharp contrast from my and others lack of verbal comment only days earlier. What a contrast to Pelosi’s comments.

The facts of the health care plan speak for themselves, and are well documented. The debate is about the Constitution and the freedoms sated therein. Either we believe them, or we don’t. I believe them, and will stand solidly for them, regardless of what Nancy Pelosi has to say.

Don’t you just love her?

And don’t forget to report this post, flag@whitehouse.gov.

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