The Republican Resurgence…

After bombing in 2006 and 2008, expect a Republican resurgence in 2010. (How’s that for political insight?) The question is: Is it earned?

Obama’s approval rating is dropping rapidly, Rasmussian shows his current index at -12; and that makes the Democrat controlled Congress look good. The best poll that I’ve seen for Pelosi and Reid’s congress is at -23.

Obama and the liberals, as usual, have overreached. Their leadership offers no leadership for America. They have tried to force their agenda down the throats of Americans. Americans are smarter than that, and are reacting. The liberal’s smooth talk of change during the election is not in practice what most what most understood it would be. Americans are inherently not socialist; we prefer the freedom of choice.

But what do the Republicans have to offer? Right now, the NCGOP appears to be in shambles, and the RNC appears to have no direction. Yesterday I received 2 pieces of mail, one from NCGOP Senate Caucus, the other from RNC targeted to the NC 10th District. Does Michael Steele not have Tom Fetzer’s phone number? Why two surveys (which are really solicitations) on the same day? Why don’t they at least send them a week or two apart, and appear to be on the same team. I’d rather see leadership than another request for money.

As a former candidate, I fully understand the importance of money in politics. But, the few dollars that I have to donate, goes to worthwhile and objective conservatives that earn my vote and donations, not to parties that fail to identify themselves.

With Obama, Congress, Purdue and the General Assembly, the GOP has never been offered a better opportunity to define a difference in philosophy – even considering the four years Jimmy Carter. Why are we not taking advantage?

In the discussion of health care reform, Obama is the only politician that I have heard mentioned the free market (though he obviously doesn’t understand it). Regarding “Cap and Trade,” we have allowed Pelosi to define excessive government regulation as “independence” from foreign oil and a jobs program. As a party, we have yet to explain why the bailouts are anti-American, or Bush’s stimulus as wrong. Do Republicans not know who we are? Do we not understand Capitalism?

Following Clinton’s election, we offered Dole. Following Bush’s forsaking of individual rights, we offered McCain. What will we offer in 2010 and 2012? If the party cannot define itself today, what candidates will choose in these elections? If we don’t explain who we are, if anyone can vote in our primary, how will we choose candidates that truly differentiate themselves?  All the while, Lindsey Graham supports Sotomayor and others continue to discuss “adjustments” to health care reform. Any compromise between food and poison only yields death- why discuss it?

No doubt, the GOP will see increases in elected representatives 2010- potentially significant increases, both in NC and nationally. But these votes will come from independent voters that are voting against Obama, Pelosi and Perdue; unless we define who it is we are they will not come from votes FOR the GOP, rather against the opposition.

I think it’s time we earn our votes. I think it’s time to stand for something. I think it should be Capitalism.

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  1. Jeff Austin says:

    Nicely said. One thing I would like to see, is our local county parties engage in true debate on this issue. It will have to be up to the counties and the districts to take the steps needed to define our party.
    We have to hold fast to our belief in a Constitutional Republic and demand that our party put forth candidates that fit the mold of our founders. It should not be that difficult to find men and women who see that the way out of the mess we have created is through true republican ideology.
    We need to be strong when we confront our elected officials and make sure that they understand how we feel and what we want from them,and that they will follow our lead, otherwise they should be put on notice that they no longer have the trust of the party.

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