The Ascendancy Renewed…

Two important events occurred this weekend that are worth noting. Neither solves all concerns, but both give hope.

With one of the largest GOP Conventions in NC history, the 2009 Convention this weekend left no question that the Grand Old Party is alive and well in North Carolina. And, judging from the number first-time delegates in attendance, we are all fed up with the GOP’s move-to-center and the lack of visible delineation between the elected GOP and the other side. The party may be broken, but it’s not in intensive care- and the way back has begun.

The Chairman’s race was as most expected it to be- close- requiring two ballots. While I had some concerns about each candidate, all four laid out a clear path of the coming Republican ascendancy, and in doing so displayed confidence in the Republican message. They showed a confidence in the basic tenants of our philosophy that the rank-and-file know to be true, but that we have not seen from many of our leaders and elected officials. I heard “free-market,” “Capitalism,” and “Individual Rights” from each of the four candidates. I also heard from each that we must choose candidates who actually represent our platform. These I have not heard in some time.

Technology is important-critical in fact, but the method of communicating a message is not as important as having the right message- and sticking to it in practice once elected. It is this contrast that the American people long for.

Also this weekend, the NC House approved a budget of over $18 Billion- including $780 million in new taxes. These new taxes not only include an increase in the sales tax, but would apply the sales tax to music and ring tone downloads, auto maintenance and repairs, and courier services. The budget passed with no Republican votes; our representatives stood strong and refused to trample on the people of North Carolina.

These two events show that Democratss will continue to do what it is that Dems do, and that NC Republicans are committed to righting the course, of doing differently that we have done in recent years. I’m glad to see the contrast painted so clearly.

My favorite quote of the weekend was from the eventual winner of the Chairman’s race, Tom Fetzer: “We cannot move to the mushy middle, and we cannot tolerate mealy-mouthed candidates who do…”

Well said; now let’s get to work.

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