NCGOP Convention this weekend…

As North Carolina Republicans prepare for the 2009 State Convention next weekend, it is critical that we realize what is at stake: Nothing less than the greatest opportunity of our lifetime. It is the opportunity to get right what has gone wrong, to draw a sharp contrast with the current administration; the opportunity to get on the same page before it is too late; the opportunity to fix Republicanism- rest assured it is broken.

Unfortunately, these will not occur.

This weekend we will elect a new chairman, consider as many as 22 resolutions and go home. Frankly, I am frustrated with our candidates for Chair. We must, however, select one of the candidates, and unite behind him. I will work with the new chairman on behalf of candidates that I believe represent what our GOP stands for; we all must.

With the exception of Resolution #9 and the honorariums, we should reject any opportunity to consider resolutions and go to dinner.

Certainly the resolutions honoring Robert Rector’s and presumably Henry Bryant’s are well earned.  Resolution 3 will be passed- but it should not be passed as written. George Bush laid the groundwork for the election of Barak Obama, and has done as much to destroy what I believe our party stands for with the “Patriot” Act and government bailouts . Bush did many good things, and should be commended for them-he defended our nation well.  But as Republicans, we must not go so far as to commend him for the un-Constitutional policy of No Child Left Behind; and frankly, we should not commend him for being forced to make second choice in both his approved nominees for Supreme Court; though he did get the second choices right. We certainly should not formally honor the one who has lead us down the path we find ourselves upon; don’t forget, the bailouts are his. This would be a good opportunity for the Republican Party to develop honesty. Let us allow Chrysler, GM and AGI consider this resolution. At the very least, it would be much easier for our party if we were to leave this one out all together, however I would amend this one, then vote Yes; I will vote No as presented.

Senator Dole, for whom I worked in 2008, certainly deserves our respect, but if we vote to state that she represented conservatives well, then I must not be a conservative. Had her constituent service been sufficient, had she come to NC prior to the election season, had she not flown the last minute banner of religion, she would likely be in the Senate today. I would amend then vote Yes; I vote No as presented.

I don’t know that I understand Resolution #5; suffice it to say that we all support our military and the sacrifices that they make to preserve the tattered remnants of our freedom. I vote Yes.

Given the recent court ruling, Resolution #6 may be irrelevant. We either elect Objectivist candidates in 2010 and 2012, or we live with the Court’s ruling forever. I vote Yes because I agree, but know it changes nothing.

Why is Resolution #7 (Rights of States and People) number seven on the list? Combine it with #8 (Restore State Sovereignty), and make them the second to be considered, and vote YES.  Unanimously.

Resolution #9 is the only resolution that may have any real bearing on the future of our party. It is very likely that we will never consider it simply  because unfortunately it is 9th on the list. This is an issue which we must resolve.

There is nothing more partisan than a political primary. The sole purpose of a primary is for a party to choose who will represent our party in the General Election. Why in the world do we allow those not affiliated with us to choose our leadership? Would we allow those who are not Republicans to choose our chairman? Why then would we allow them to choose our nominee?

Folks, this is simple common sense. How will the party return to the core values of limited government and laissez-faire capitalism when we allow those who neither understand nor believe in it choose our leadership? Kudos to the Resolutions committee for presenting all suggestions made of them. Next time, please prioritize. We should resoundingly demand that the Executive Committee close our primaries.

We will never consider resolutions further down the list if we even get this far. We will either loose quorum or move adjournment. The following resolutions include Litter, DOM, Abortion, Withdrawal from NAFTA, 2nd Amendment, Preservation of the Constitution, Transparency and Accountability from the General Assembly, Repeal of Real ID, Fiscal Responsibility, Unborn Victims of Violence, Appreciate Virginia Fox, Change the name of the Lottery, Improve GOP Communication. I’ll leave before these get to the floor; while some of the issues raised are relevant, they will not define us- save the abortion issue of which I think the party has been clear.  And yes, Virginia, we do appreciate you.  I’d advise, go back to your room and take a nap after #9.

At least after a nap, we will feel better for the dinner.

See all 22 resolutions at

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