Boiling Down the Marriage Amendment

I have watched with interest the passion shown regarding the ‘Marriage Amendment’. The proposed amendment would codify within the NC Constitution the current law defining marriage, to ensure that a judge does not rule current law to be unconstitutional. Similar laws have been challenged in a number of states; in some cases, a single judge has overturned the law, thus allowing gay marriage in that state.

Regardless of an individual’s thought on the amendment itself, when you boil it down, it is neither the law nor the constitution that is the potential problem for supporters; it is the judge who may decide the issue.

I wonder how many, so passionate today, are as concerned with our judges are as they are the amendment. There are numerous laws equally significant to individuals and families, which will be ruled upon by judges in the near future.

Most people understand that when a judge makes a ruling, the losing party may appeal the ruling to a higher court. The challenge may reach the state or the nation’s Supreme Court for a decision that is final, thus standing as the law of the land. Judges who decide these issues are either elected by the voters, or appointed by the President.

If the amendment fails, there most assuredly will be a court challenge to the current law. If the marriage amendment passes, other laws will be challenged. Those laws may involve immigration, taxation, the death penalty, health care… the list is endless; a great many will be of equal importance to the safety of the family, not to mention liberty itself.

Both the US and the NC Supreme Court currently hold a ‘conservative’ majority of one, thus a lone Justice often decides the issue. There is a single seat up for election to the NC Supreme Court this November, Associate Justice Paul Newby’s.  This one seat will be the difference in decisions on challenged NC law for the next two years; Justice Newby has been a consistent conservative throughout his career. It is unknown how many may receive a lifetime appointment to the US Supreme Court by the next President.

My question today is will you be as passionate about your vote in November as you are on this amendment? Will organizations hold rallies and mobilize volunteers to support the lone bulwark on each court in defense of the significant issues facing us today? Will you donate the dollars to fund the signs, palm cards, radio, television and newspaper ads? Will you stand at the precincts again in November to work for those who share your beliefs on other issues of equal importance to the individual, family, state and nation?

I hope to see the same passion toward electing conservative judges in November that we have seen on the amendment this spring; these judicial decisions should be at least as motivating as a single-issue amendment.  After all, these judges are final word on every legal decision for our families, for our liberty and for our freedoms.

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    Brilliant article!

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