Do as I say, not as I do…

This week, Democrats in the North Carolina General Assembly voted to uphold Governor Perdue’s veto of Voter ID – a commonsense bill that 75 percent of North Carolinians support. Governor Perdue released the following statement after the failed veto override vote:

“I want to thank the legislators who stood firm in the belief that every North Carolinian has the constitutional right to vote and that the state should not be creating obstacles.”


However, just a few weeks ago, Governor Perdue required state government interns to show photo ID in order to attend a taxpayer-funded event at the Executive Mansion.

Yet when it comes to showing ID to vote, Governor Perdue objects.


Ironically, the North Carolina Democratic Party also requires photo ID… not to vote, of course, but to work for them, advocating against Voter ID.

Do as I say, not as I do…

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  1. […] Is this why Gov. Perdue and the entire Democratic political machine are so adamant that voters not have to show any ID to vote? Oh, and if you want to visit the Executive Mansion to complain to the guv herself, you’ll need a photo ID. […]

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