The Fear of “WHAT IF?”

Following is an article by Jeff Austin.

What if? Two words that begin a multitude of questions; some exciting and positive, some full of stagnation and fear and limitations on the human spirit. We run into the byproduct of “What If” almost daily, most of us oblivious to its controlling ways. In fact, it’s my belief that we are more comfortable with the unknown of “What If?” than we are with the certainty of “Why Not?”, a question that requires at the very least, an answer that is definitive. Even, “Because I said so,” is a valid answer for: Kings, despots, tyrants, and most parents. Nevertheless, “What If?” floats out into the great unknown of space and time, less able to be solved the more often it is used.

Because “What If?” can never truly be answered, it is used as a tool, a great engine of propulsion into uncertainty. It is the answer to the answer of itself. There is always another “What If?” lurking behind the response to the first “What If?”. You know it, and I know it, we all know it to be so. We are creatures more destined to put our trust in the unknown than we will ever acknowledge what is real and all around us. The simple reality is this: “What If?” will always be used to yoke the human spirit to the plow of those who seek obedience and control. It is our fear of “What If?” that condemns the rest of humanity to toil in the fields of democracies and tyrannies, afraid to loose their bonds for fear of two words. “What If?”

To some, the first two paragraphs of this dribble may seem too deep and philosophical, others will find it irrelevant and not worth the trouble. One or two of you may understand what I am saying, that is my hope at least. I am not here to scare you and shake you to the core of your being, but to dislodge you from your comfortable security blanket of “What If?”

A man, once said, “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” (Jefferson) Is this a wise statement, one made with the understanding of the responsibilities attached to such liberties or just the ranting’s of a self-absorbed fool, hell bent on destruction? We will never know because “What If?” got in the way of “Why Not?” The man is dead now, his dreams and his thoughts on liberty just words on parchment used to eulogize the idea of a free people. Another dreamer placed his faith in God and his understanding of character to guide his life. He too is dead, his dream never realized for the want of someone, anyone – to just say: “Why Not?”(ML King) A child, born destined to free mankind through Love and Peace and personal responsibility, slain for fear of: “What If?” we followed his path to freedom.(Christ)

We all know of these men, and there have been many others who have tried to awaken us. Their teachings, their writings and even their songs have been relegated to musings or worse yet, perverted into instruments of control through fear of “What If?”

Our society today is so wrapped up in fear, we have lost sight of what free minds and free doers can accomplish. We can’t understand life as an experience to be lived. We see each unknown as a hazard and discovery as a hapless outcome, stumbled upon by fools who dared not heed “What If?”

The challenge we face is this; instead of succumbing to the unknown of “What If?” and the fear associated with its infinite possibilities, let us say,” Why Not?” and know for certain. I’ll ask some “Why Not’s?” of you with only a few instructions on how to answer:

Do not fall prey to “What If?” – If you do not know, answer so. If I knew, I would not be asking. – Understand that, until we act on “Why Not?” then we will never know the answer.

Why not limit government and liberate common sense?

Why not allow unfettered competition in our school system?

Why not – end our over-seas empire and the costs associated with maintaining over seven hundred bases worldwide?

Why not place liberty and freedom for the individual above political correctness?

Why not – freely trade with all nations, making alliances with none?

Why not – defend the individual as the smallest and weakest minority?

Why not accept the right of the individual to associate with whomever they choose?

Why not – end the war on drugs?

Why not allow a property owner to do as he sees fit with his property?

Why not allow –“too big to fail,” fail?

Why not – audit the Federal Reserve System?

Why not live as we were intended to live, Americans, liberated from the ideologies of failed civilizations and generations of disappointment?

Why not accept the notion that we cannot make the world safe for any ideology through force and coercion?

Dare I say it, — “What If?”

-Jeff Austin


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  1. Pat says:

    Well said

  2. TRM says:

    Insightful question…”What If?”

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