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The following introduction was written in 2009, and today we remain at a crossroad. I am hopeful the next few years bring about a more positive change in the party than the past few have.


I was raised by a libertarian (lower case “l”) Democrat (if such a thing exists). My dad was not involved in politics, though few dinner conversations did not involve politics;  my grandfather served as mayor for over two decades and lost a SC State House race by 3 votes (and did not call for a recount), his grandfather was a member of the NC Senate; my mother’s father- and his father- were both delegates to Republican National Conventions.

I first became interested in politics in 1972, at the age of 8. I was infatuated with Pat Taylor, a Democrat candidate for governor- who lost in the primary to Skipper Bowles (who lost in the general to Jim Holshouser).

I first volunteered for the Republican Party in 1976, working for Gerald Ford in the general election, making phone calls from the local Republican headquarters. The thought of Jimmy Carter as President frightened me, and as history proved, for good reason. I’ve been a Republican activist in every election since.

As with many Republicans today, Ronald Reagan defined me. I maintain that he is the greatest president of our generation, and is second only to Washington in the history of the nation. After four years of Carter (and following Nixon); Reagan’s clear, positive vision of what America could again be, revitalized the nation; it was based on understandable, free-market values and limited government intervention in our lives and the economy. Reagan was not as much a great communicator as he was a great believer in capitalism with full confidence in its possibilities.

I have served in numerous capacities of the Republican Party at the precinct, county and district level, and currently serve on the executive committee of the district and the state party.

Following three years as county vice-chair, then five years as chairman, I stepped down to run for the NC Senate in 2006. I lost,  my opponent is now the Lt. Governor, and I’m writing a blog.

In 2008, I refused to work for John McCain, although I voted for him. I struggled with that vote, but- as in 1976- anything would be better for the the people of the nation than the Democrat option. Because McCain was chosen to represent my party, I gave serious consideration to both the Constitution Party and to the Libertarian Party candidates. I came to the conclusion that neither party held to my core beliefs, and while the GOP may not define by beliefs perfectly, there is no other organization that traditionally has, nor any other that has the resources to win- and actually change the direction our nation is moving. I am convinced that we will not change the direction by supporting the John McCain’s of the GOP.

Today, we are at the crossroads of Republicanism. We can continue the way of our leadership, and continue to loose support and credibility. Or, we can do away with the neo-republican views of the leadership of the past decade, and return to the core belief of limited government and individual rights; of laizze-faire capitalism.

I agree in principal with Reagan’s 11th commandment, but do not believe that registration is what defines Republicanism. We are a party of individualist, of capitalists; we believe in the individual- and we should work to ensure the liberty of the individual through limited government, free enterprise, and the profit motive. We have apparently forgotten these principles,  and must return to them.

The American Republic has been the hope of mankind since the dawning of civilization. It is ours to restore and maintain. The Presidency of Barak Obama presents a unique opportunity; we must draw a contrast and prepare for 2012.

I can be reached at wes@freesnake.cc, and welcome your thoughts and comments.

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